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Work With Me

Your challenges are relatable

Are you an interior designer? Creative yet alone and struggling to get clients and even when you get clients can’t manage them, artisans are driving you crazy and getting the right team to work with is frustrating, not to mention lack of business structure and business strategies to run a profitable interior design business so you can live the life you so desire

Now imagine working every day with no structure, no one to guide you or a fellow interior designer to talk to who would understand your pain. You are busy, but are you productive? No cash flow, yet people around you feel you are making money as the belief is interior designers are rich.

 If this is you, you are clearly running a JOBBY or a charity organization and will go out of business sooner than you expect unfortunately

What if I told you, Passion isn’t enough to run a successful business?

Yes, it is actually just 20 percent of what you need. You actually need 80 percent business skills to run a profitable interior design business

Just Imagine knowing the right business strategies for running a successful interior design business: Getting clients, managing clients and artisans, hiring, time management, sourcing, pricing, marketing, sales, confidence, overcoming limiting beliefs, creating a niche, goal setting, marketing, sales and branding, will all be a thing of the past and you can afford to live the life you desire and concentrate on what you love. DESIGN

Not to worry I am going to teach you smart business strategies to build, scale and grow a profitable interior design business so you can live the life you desire.


Design Business Coaching

The Pro Designers Blueprint Course is a 4 weeks online group coaching course where I teach you how to grow your interior design business. 

Module 1- Finding Your Why and Goal Setting

​Module 2- The Designer’s Niche and Marketing

​Module 3- Systems and Processes

​Module 4- Branding, Marketing and Sales Strategy

Module 5-Managing Clients and Artisans

​Module 6- Maximizing your Revenue

​Module 7- Sourcing, Packaging and Pricing

Module 8- Contracts

All inclusive with worksheets, templates, videos and audio classes. At the end the course you would have guaranteed action plans to run a successful interior design business. 

Design Your Home like a Pro

Does your home need a revamp? Tried all you know but still doesn’t look good and reflect your personality. You know you can do it with guidance

What if I show you the home decor mistakes you may be making and how to fix it. That would be great right? 

Now imagine with the tips I show you, you will be able to design your home like a Pro. Amazing right !!!!!

Guess what, I have created a video which will show you the top home decor mistakes you make and how to fix it. Just for you

Want to create a beautiful space yourself so your home will be the envy of family and friends.  Watch Now

You deserve a beautiful home

Design Services

At Jenniez Designs we strive to serve our valued and respected clientele through a system of satisfaction by Design, We rely on experience, expertise and impeccable integrity to complete projects on time, within budget with consistently pleasing results. Want to know more about the JD Experience…


It is a 4 weeks online coaching course where I teach you smart business strategies to grow your interior design business. You have me as your Coach for a lifetime. Yes you read right. They are 3 options you can select from

It is an online coaching for women like you who want to design their homes and just need guidance. I will guide you through the process and at the end of the course you would get actionable plans to design a beautiful home like a Pro. Your decisions, Your budget

This is my inner circle, we are a community of interior designers and design professionals who come together to learn, share and network with fellow goal oriented interior designers who are ready to succeed and want to see you succeed too


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