A community of goal oriented interior designers, who are ready to network, learn, share and grow our interior design business together with other interior designers

  • Are you an interior designer?
  • Creative yet alone and struggling to get clients and even when you get clients you can’t manage them?
  • Artisans are driving you crazy and getting the right team to work with is frustrating?
  • No business systems, structures and strategies to run a profitable interior design business so you can live the life you so desire?

 If this is you, you are clearly running a hobby or a charity organization and will go out of business sooner than you expect unfortunately

Now imagine working every day with no structure, no one to guide you or a fellow interior designer to talk to.  Who would understand your pain? 

You may be busy but are you productive?

No cash flow yet people around you feel you are making money as the belief is interior designers are rich.

What if you could...

Learn the right business strategies for running a successful interior design business?

Getting clients, managing clients and artisans, hiring staff, time management, sourcing, pricing, marketing, sales, confidence, overcoming limiting beliefs, creating a niche, goal setting, marketing, sales and branding, will all be a thing of the past and you can afford to live the life you desire and concentrate on what you love. DESIGN.

Now, what if I told you, Passion isn’t enough to run a successful interior design business?

It is actually just 20 percent of what you need. Guess what you actually need 80 percent business skills to run a profitable interior design business

Here's what you'll get from the INNER CIRCLE:

  • Be a part of our exclusive network of goal oriented interior designers ready to take our business to the next level with others who are interested in seeing everyone succeed
  •        Learn from our successes and failures, so you gain insight from our experiences. 
  •        Be in the midst of other interior designers who are dreaming big and driving big results in their business.
  •         Have your own personal squad of cheerleaders on your side.
  •    Monthly Online meeting every last Sunday of the Month
  •        You share your experiences of the month 
  •     Get an accountability partner
  •        Private Whatsapp Group to keep connected 
  •         Meetings are available remotely and replays are shared with members
  •         The group will be led by me and top selected Interior Designers.
  •       Discounts on all events, retreats, seminars, webinars, conference organized by JSAID, Design Biz Coach
  •        Yearly Local and International Retreats- Dubai, SA and Europe tours and exhibitions
  •        Access to me as your coach for a lifetime
  •        Get discounts from suppliers within the industry
  •        We will celebrate all your wins on our social media platform
  •         Get the latest updates on industry news and events
  •        Position your brand in the industry
  •         All Exclusive to members only

The inner circle is like my family where I can be myself, share and learn. Best decision I have made for my business. Can’t thank Jenniez enough, every interior designer needs to be on the platform

Zainab Akingbehin | Oeuvre Designs, Lagos


Yes, there’s an investment and it’s more than financial . There is  the emotional, time and impact investment which are just as notable. I know from personal experience free has  a higher no-show rate and deter the right people from showing up. I don’t want that for Designers Inner Circle . Your financial  investment means you have an interest in becoming a part of a network yourself,  want to grow your business and  are goal oriented. It means you’re going to show up and you’re going to actively participate. The result is  a network with a group of designers who want to be there – increasing quality of the inner circle and value of our group community

Your Investment is just N15,000 Quarterly  (N166 daily) not too much to invest in growing your business


The Annual package of N50,000 (N136 daily) This is even crazier, so you save N10,000

With the Annual package I will be gifting you two webinar replays valued at N55,000 and my E-book on How to meet Client


·        Webinar 1- How to prepare a contract as an interior designer with Guest Speaker Derin Fagbure – Lawyer

·        Webinar 2- Mindset shift for Interior Designers (with myself and New York’s Top Interior Design Business Coach Nancy Ganzekaufer

·        How to Meet Clients- eBook

All-inclusive in the Annual membership only for N50,000 instead of N105,000

Amazing Right!!!!!!!   This offer is valid for the next 72 hours ONLY . (Inclusive of the bonuses)


I am the most approachable, open minded and dedicated interior design business coach you would ever work with. I  help interior designers like you build, grow and scale their business, so you can make profit, become successful and live a fulfilling life through Design. I am an experienced Interior designer, Author and Coach. Popularly known as Design Biz Coach or Mama J…

Prior to coaching, eight years ago, I launched my interior design company- Jenniez Designs which is still operational till date.

In 2017, I founded Jenniez School of African Interior Design (JSAID), to bridge the gap in the interior design education in Nigeria and Africa and raise entrepreneurs through Design.

 JSAID is the first approved educator of interior design and decoration by CID International Florida and endorsed my Interior Designers Association of Nigeria.

In 2018, I launched my coaching program, after I observed that most interior designers had the creative skills but lacked the business skills required to run a successful interior design company.

My number one goal is to help struggling, yet passionate interior designers with smart business strategies to run a successful interior design business, so they can focus on what they love…Design

I share my experience and knowledge through a wide range of my signature courses and events- from one on one coaching, seminars, group coaching, conference and the Design Biz Mastermind.  

I am an  Author -The Interior Designers Planner and grant Awardee for LSETF, GIZ Project and USADF

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...


You have 3 Options

  1. Say it is expensive and continue to work alone and struggle with your  interior design business,  while you watch others grow in the industry

  2. Hire an expensive business strategist who isn’t an interior designer, use generic strategies which will not work for your interior design business and remember it isn’t profitable so how do you intend to pay

3.Sign Up for the Designers Inner Circle and learn all the secrets of the trade and smart business strategies to run a successful interior design business and live the life you desire


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Inner Circle a coaching program?
The amazing thing is you have me as your coach, so you are getting coaching alongside the mastermind

How often do you meet- Online or Offline?
We have monthly meetings where we discuss interior design business topics and we will have Guest Speakers from time to time.

Can I cancel at anytime?
As much as we will hate to see you go but you can cancel after your subscription

What other benefits do we get?
You get discounts on all my courses, seminars, conferences, books, coaching program and at JSAID School.

Do we have physical meeting? 
Most definitely we will hang out starting with Lagos first and go on international trips together yearly

Who can join the Designers Inner Circle?
Any interior decorator, designer, industry partner, manufacturer can join doesn’t matter your years of experience

The inner circle is like my family. We have a lot of fun and we learn alot too. I am the Class Captain of the inner circle and I always share jollof rice, want to know how. You need to join us. Thanks Mama J for all you do. We love you


Morenike Molehin, CEO Oak and Teak

It’s great to have a community where you can not just only learn but share your problems and get practical solutions, a community that also cheers you on and gives you support,   that’s what the Inner Circle is to me. Thank you Jennifer

Folakemi Oloye | Teal and Harmony, Lagos


30 Days Money Back Guarantee if you feel this isn’t the network for you. This offer is Valid for 72 hours only