Transparent Reusable Double Sided Nano Magic tape .
A Must Have!

We know how frustrating it is that mats tend to crease or slip, and possibly trip us over. It can be dangerous when we have babies or elderly people at home.

Our traceless washable double sided adhesive tape is the solution to your problem!

Want to stick items on different surfaces without breaking the walls . Our magic tape is sure to help you achieve that without been tacky

How to use the Magic Nano tape


Our sticky nano tape is a brand new way of saving beautiful memories. Hanging photos of your family trips, homework schedule for reminder, even kids’ precious drawings that should be kept on walls or kitchen cabinets for remembering. Our traceless nano tape is so easy to remove that it will not ruin or leave residue when taking them off. The gel grip tape is perfect for pasting décor on an office desk, bookshelf; sticking yoga mats, furniture legs to the floor for anti-slipping.


It is washable and removable. Simply wash off dust and dry it with air, you will be able to use the clear adhesive tape again! This is an upgraded version of museum putty and earthquake putty. Use it to stick home, room, office shelf décor; wall, photo, picture hanging; prevent carpet, kitchen mat from slipping, etc. There are tons more ways to use it, you name it! Show your creativity and take care of your baby or elderly with our nano tape NOW!


Can be used for all household products. Eg. Used in place of silicon for sinks, which allows water permeate into the silicone, which makes it have moulds and blacken This water proof, mould proof tape can be used on the seam crossing between gas cooker, table, sink , keeping the kitchen clean and easy to clean. In living room and bedroom: Stick hook , socket, remote control, keys, photo & painting, clock, fixed table/sofa legs, floor mat, carpet
In washroom: Stick hook, toilet paper box on wall, stick toothpaste, toothbrush, glasses on mirror

The nano tape is a must have for everyone. It does exactly what it says and more, no more tacky walls

Bunmi- Lagos

Introducing the Magic Nano Tape

1, Waterproof, Moisture Proof, Mildew Proof and Oil-resistant tape with aggressive adhesion and high tensile strength.

2. The tape is self-adhesive, you don’t need anything to help adhere it, it’s easy and convenient to use.

3. Flexible and soft: Flexible PVC sealing strip, foldable to 90 degrees, tightly sealed at the seam between the walls.

4.Uniqueness: It has glue on the back and is very convenient to use. It can be directly torn and pasted in the corresponding area.

5.Universal transparent nano tape, suitable for objects of any shape. Widely used to seal the joints of gas stoves, sinks, basins, bathtubs and walls to prevent mold and stains, keep the kitchen and bathroom clean and tidy.

  • DAMAGE FREE – Never leave holes in the wall! It is your dependable nano tape clear roll because of high-performance bonding and no stains after use. This roll of nano sticky strip is designed to be the most reliable, useful and strong tool for sticking items.
  • TONS OF WAYS TO USE IT – The sticky traceless washable adhesive tape can hold small items on smooth surfaces, such as keys, pens, decorations, wall hangings, kitchen tools. It is perfect for furniture stop, great carpet tape and it’s also effective on fixing cat paw mug, remove pet hair and dust on clothing or computers.
  • REMOVABLE/ REUSABLE/ WASHABLE – Removing the gel grip tape will not damage your walls or surfaces and leave no residue. It is reusable after washing off dust. Cut to any size and make it the best replacement of poster putty or mounting putty or wall hanger on the market.
  • ORGANIZE YOUR MESSY STUFF – It can be used as a phone stand mount, can hold your phone accessories, pens, patches, car keys. Can be used to fix carpets, furniture, paste posters, photo frames .Perfect for kitchen household. Can hang most kitchen tools, small hand tools, stationery. It’ can hold items up to 1 KG (2.2 LBS). NOTE: if the item is big, cover more area with the tape.
  • Note:

    • If holding things vertically, please don’t hang valuable items or hold more than 2.2lb!
    • We recommend covering full surface of the object with gel pad tape for heavier items. Also test it in a safe environment.

Car Use

Decorate wedding car, stick car decoration, car holder, car fragrance, tissue box


Available for a Limited time 

As an interior designer this is the best tool I have purchased recently, makes my jobs look professional

Mr Peter | Interior Designer

Why Choose The Product?

1. Easy to cut: The non-marking tape can be cut at any length and can be stretched and bent to meet your various needs 

 2. Clear Double Sided Adhesive Tape : It can be fixed on all smooth and powder-free surfaces with a weight of 1KG/2.2LBS. You can stick a variety of small items.  
3. Washable and Reusable: If there is too much attachment on the surface of the tape, the viscosity will drop., it can be washed and dried to restore stickiness.
4.Washable and Reuseable
5. The gel is super strong. The Gel formula has an infinite amount of potential uses.
6.It is easily removable and will not damage your walls or surfaces.
7.Double-sided adhesive tape
8.Keep items in place without slipping

How to use the magical nano tape

Step 1

Clean the surface you want to stick to.


Step 2

Cut the tape to the desired size and stick on the desired surface

Step 3

Remove the protective film and stick on surface


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