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Jennifer Chukwujekwe is an interior designer and a business coach. She teaches interior designers how to build, grow and scale their business, so they can make profit, become successful and live a fulfilling life through Design. She is an Experienced interior designer, Author and Coach.

Prior to coaching, eight years ago, she launched her interior design company- Jenniez Designs which is still operational till date.

In 2017, Jenniez founded Jenniez School of African Interior Design (JSAID), to bridge the gap in the interior design education in Nigeria and Africa and raise entrepreneurs through Design.

 JSAID is the first approved educator of interior design and decoration by CID International Florida and endorsed my Interior Designers Association of Nigeria.

In 2018, she started her coaching program, when she observed that most interior designers had the creative skills but lacked the business skills required to run a successful interior design company.

She teaches struggling, yet passionate interior designers, smart business strategies to run a successful interior design business, so they can focus on what they love…Design

Jenniez recently launched her Design Coaching program called Design Your Home like a Pro, for women who want to design a beautiful home by themselves but need guidance. It is a combination of interior design and teaching which is her passion. 

She is also the Founder of Design Biz Mastermind which is a community of goal oriented interior designers who learn, share and grow their businesses together so they can live the life they desire. It is known as the inner cirlce.

Today, Jenniez shares her experience and knowledge through a wide range of her signature courses and events- from one on one coaching, seminars, group coaching, conference and a Mastermind.  

She is the Author of The Interior Designers Planner and grant Awardee for LSETF, GIZ Project and USADF

She is a graduate of the Interior Design Institute UK, with certifications in Interior Design, Commercial Interior Design with particular reference to Sustainable Interior Design and Business and Branding. All attained with an excellent result. 

She is also a Mentor at Fate Foundation and Tony Elumelu Foundation. 

My Services

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Design your home like a Pro with confidence and live intentionally through Design

Design your Business. Build, scale and grow your interior design business to make profit and live the life you desire

We create beautiful, functional spaces that improves your well being and increases productivity in your life and business

Testimonials from Interior Designers

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It’s great to have a community where you can not just only learn but share your problems and get practical solutions, a community that also cheers you on and gives you support,   that’s what the Inner Circle is to me. Thank you Jennifer

Folakemi Oloye, Teal Harmony

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Mrs J is an amazing coach, selfless and ready to see every interior designer succeed. She is down to earth and open to share everything. She is the best interior design business coach

Morenike Molehin, Oak and Teak

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Working with Jenniez was the best decision of my career. As an architect she opened my eyes to services I could offer to interior designers. This has increased my clientele who get projects in 6 figures

Architect Martins , Renderfit Abuja

Design Coaching Testimonials

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